The Time Dragons Trilogy, Gary Gentile Ebook DOCX

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The Time Dragons Trilogy

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Author: Gary Gentile
ISBN: 9781883056360
Gary Gentile?s most popular science fiction A TIME FOR DRAGONS, DRAGONS PAST, and NO FUTURE FOR DRAGONS The Time Dragons books have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers of all ages. First published in 1989 and 1990, and long out of print, all three novels are now combined for consecutive reading. Appended in this new edition is a ten-thousand-word essay that examines the origination and generation of the imaginative concepts, and that describes in detail the plot devices of the three additional books in the series - those books that were planned but never written. The dragons of the titles are actually intelligent, meat-eating reptiles from Earth?s distant past. They are bent on dominating the planet for all time by exterminating mankind in the present. After dragon death bombs destroy nearly all vestige of human civilization, small bands of survivors are all that remain of a population that numbered in the billions. These isolated pockets of humanity subsist by stealth for more than a century. The dragons slowly reform the planet by planting vegetation from their home time, and by populating the land with species of herbivorous dinosaurs that constitute their food supply - herds of dinosaurian meat on the hoof. Modern-day Earth soon resembles the Cretaceous. When the dragons renew their efforts to stamp out the few surviving humans, a handful of freedom fighters meet and join forces. They plan a courageous campaign against entrenched dragon rule. This small resistance organization first snipes at dragons in the newly-formed jungles, then attacks the dragon outpost with whatever weapons they can muster. Thus begins the saga of human retaliation, as a small but dedicated guerrilla outfit seeks to eradicate the dragons, and reclaim the planet that is rightfully theirs. This fast-paced, action-packed story is quite literally never-ending. Battles rage in the past, present, and future; on land, in the air, and under the ice. From gun fights with dragons to hand-to-hand combat with a Tyranosaurus rex, the intrepid heroes and heroines never give up in their war against alien tyranny. The grand design of the Time Dragons trilogy is sweeping in its concepts and paradoxes in time. From its inspired beginning to its climactic conclusion, the reader is kept entranced by the brilliant dialogue of engaging characters as well as measured action sequences. Read the Time Dragons trilogy now, or again. Read the ultimate conclusion that has never been revealed: an ending that is not endless, but fundamentally satisfying in all its mind-bending nuances.

Title: The Time Dragons Trilogy

Publisher: Chimaera Bookworks

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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